Letter From the Editor – Kelly Fitzharris Coody – Vol. 1 – Oct/Nov

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A Word from Kelly Fitzharris Coody

I’m excited about our first issue of Sick Lit Magazine; it’s taken a long time for us to get here, but here we are, imperfections and all.

I started reading magazines on a regular basis at the malleable age of 12; I was in awe of the glossy pages, edgy headlines and even edgier fashion editorials. From the pages of Elle all the way to other end of the spectrum at SPIN and Q magazines, I knew I was hooked.

Let me switch gears for a minute.

North Texas, specifically Fort Worth, needs more support for LGBT youth and adults. Fort Worth is a “conservative” area. This means that much of the LGBT community and their supporters are too afraid of the ramifications in their personal and work lives if someone thinks (heaven forbid) that they support equal rights for the entire, and I mean ENTIRE LGBT community.

Here we are, in 2015, with only months to go before we begin a new year in (GASP) 2016.

But with our two-party system flying headfirst into a living, breathing caricature of itself, leaving most of us with whiplash in its wake, my fellow Gen Y-ers tend to shy away from politics. We have become too disillusioned or apathetic to participate. It doesn’t seem like it’s about to be 2016; as a country, we’re more divided than ever, with racial tensions boiling over and exploding all over the nation, mass shootings becoming something of a “regular” occurrence and hate crime statistics showing that we’ve gone up by 30 per cent from just 2013 to 2014 just in the state of Texas.


As the daughter of a retired Air Force Lt. Col. and fighter pilot, my life was transient. I moved every couple of years and learned how to read people, and learned very quickly not to make rash judgments or generalizations. 

Political candidates like Bernie Sanders don’t stand a chance. And why? Because of what I’ve heard others refer to as a group of untouchable, well-financed “powers that be.”

I may be only one person, but I know others of you are out there who are like-minded, working yourselves to death at thankless jobs, struggling to pay the bills, all while balancing a baby on your hip with a cell phone glued to your hand, purse full of prescription meds (like mine is). If that doesn’t quite fit the mold of your “American Dream,” then know that you’re not alone. Dystopian futuristic series and parodies of America’s fate 500 years from now don’t seem as far-fetched as they once did; and that is scary.

Instead of becoming divided amongst ourselves, whether it be over the minimum wage debate, over race, or gun control, why don’t we go after the people at the top who are creating the problem? According to the Wall Street Journal, last year alone, the heads of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Corp., and Citigroup Inc. made a cool $92.5 million collectively. Let’s compare those earnings to that of a bank teller at, say, JPMorgan Chase. According to, even a college-educated, full-time teller’s yearly earnings only amount to $24,423. EXCUSE ME? You’ll have to pardon my language, but what the fucking shit? How are people supposed to stay motivated and happy in their jobs with numbers like these? 

As a writer, a mom, a wife, a friend and a human being, my mission at Sick Lit Magazine is for us to be a catalyst for change. I want honesty, grit, grime….I want life. I want reality.

That being said, there’s a lot to be excited about: we have fiction from writer and illusionist Daniel Rumanos, a feature with social activist and trailblazer in the LGBT community, Kamyon Conner, art from Ontario native Sara Driftwood, an article on the legendary Canadian rock group Helix, and Austin music sensation Scott Collins among many others to come.

Enjoy and please follow us on Twitter, @sicklitmag, e-mail for all inquiries, including submissions, advertising, becoming a contributor, or if you want to rant and tell me what a “liberal freak” I am and how Donald Trump should rule the world. HA! If you support Donald Trump for president, then this is the wrong publication for you. And feel free to leave your distasteful comments below. I love a good debate. 

Thanks for stopping by. (Insert winking smiley face here).


-Kelly Fitzharris Coody-

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