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Normally I wouldn’t feel the need to write a mid-month letter, but with this being our first month in existence as a publication, and with all of the support we’ve received, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge and thank this month’s contributors, who’ve made our first two weeks of October, 2015 OUTSTANDING. HUGE thanks to Kamyon Conner, along with OUTreach Denton and the Texas Equal Access Fund, Sara Driftwood, Scott Collins, Daniel Rumanos, Brian Vollmer of Helix, Planned Parenthood, Groovy Goods, Hunter Johnson of La Horrorcom, Chris Traynor and the entire crew in High Desert Fires and Annabel Banks.

You make Sick Lit Magazine what it is: an amalgamation of talent, wit, good work in the community, and a master of your artistry, whatever it may be.

Also, thanks are in order to my friend and partner in crime, Cori Hackworth. You’re one hell of a social media ninja—and we’re lucky to have you on board.

With our first LGBTQA spotlight getting over 250 shares on social media within its first two days on, I’m feeling the love.

I can’t wait to see what we’ll have in store for you in November.

I tend to view each journalistic endeavor as collaboration. And it should be a collaborative effort—why not? When you’re working for yourself in this field, you need to be on the same level as your “interview subjects.” Become their peer, their advocate—you’ll learn so much more than if you put yourself on a false pedestal and neglect doing your research beforehand. Plus, isn’t there such little respect garnered in piggybacking off of an already-reported news story from CNN? (This is something that we refer to in the world of journalism as “the wire.”)

Remember that I’m always accessible to you. Drop me a line at, follow us on twitter @sicklitmag, Instagram (sicklitmagazine), and feel free to talk to me on Facebook and Twitter. I talk back. And I don’t bite…normally.

-Kelly on behalf of SLM-

PS: I am ALWAYS on the lookout for up-and-coming artists, bands, musicians and writers. Don’t be shy.


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