After the Storm – by RON GIBSON

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After The Storm
by Ron Gibson
Yesterday, the lights returned
above you, the heat inside you.
Con Edison takes a bow
for my doing.
Last night, there was no night.
I was the fire nesting between your legs.
I was the hand that made you writhe
serpentine waves. I was the spoken
order that destroyed your shore;
the superstorm that redistributed
grains of you amongst the stars.
When these words enter you,
they will swell between your hips.
You will touch them, feel their heat
and remember the flames; remember
the name that brought them to life.

***Ron Gibson, Jr. has previously appeared in Pidgeonholes, Cease,
Cows, Maudlin House, Word Riot, Exquisite Corpse, Spelk Fiction,
Soundzine, etc…, forthcoming at Story and Picture & Ginosko Literary
Journal, been included in various anthologies, and been nominated for
a Pushcart, and is now a regular contributor at Sick Lit Magazine. Ron tweets at:  or simply, @sirabsurd ***

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