Time to vote on your favorite t-shirt!

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Hey, guys! Nicole here.

All of the Kean University graphic design student contest submissions are in, which means it’s time for you to vote!

Choose your favorite design and cast your ballot in the comments below. Kelly and I will be back next Wednesday to announce the winner. Get your favorite design off your chest so you can put it on your chest! Voting closes at midnight EST on Tuesday, February 21st.

EDIT: What a fascinating twist! This contest has opened an unintended, but very important dialogue. We would love to hear from our readers about their favorite design. If you could include with your vote an explanation about why you feel your chosen design best represents Sick Lit Magazine, Kelly and I would be very grateful. This is a great opportunity for the editors and the writers to see the magazine from our reader’s point of view. Thanks for your feedback!

  1. tshirt1
  2. tshirt2atshirt2b
  3. tshirt3
  4. tshirt4
  5. tshirt5
  6. tshirt6
  7. tshirt7

60 Replies to “Time to vote on your favorite t-shirt!”

  1. #3

    The wafting heatwaves that pour forth the words from the coffee cup give this one a feeling of dynamic movement the others lack. If the design itself could just be enlarged so it occupies more of the shirt front it would be perfect.

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  2. #3

    The wafting heatwaves that fan out the words from the coffee cup give the impression of movement and action, giving this one, at least to my mind, a dynamic, alive quality the others don’t have.

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    1. I try to restrict my TEEs to those available for free in cases of beer sold on long weekends in summer at the Rennie Hotel, Bar and Post Office. But, I would break rank because I too love the wafting words and Robin red coffee cup of TRES! Once it had some paint stains on it, I would wear this fine TEE under a tweedy suit jacket at a reading, implying things that may or may not be true to the eight people gathered there and sitting on metal folding chairs. They cheer for me silently (in part, because of the shirt) as I struggle to pronounce, “ornithological”, and fail.

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        1. OK, there were TWO readings one day in a bookstore – I was in one and a famous Cdn figure with a best seller was simultaneously in another…his audience larger of course. My wife thought my reading was in the big room…she sat patiently, fending off would-be usurpers to save me a seat – the last one in the standing room-only session. After the http://www.romeodallaire.com/ and my less-auspicious reading both ended, Jan and I re-connected and discovered the mix-up. She enjoyed the other guy’s spiel and so we figured the afternoon was not a complete waste. Just another day in the whistmill, man.

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  3. I vote for #1. The lightbulb fits SLM’s spark of creativity and experimentation, a beacon for writers, poets and artists to follow!

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  4. All these are amazing! But stand-out favourite for me is #1 because it’s eye-catching, it will get people asking what it’s about, and I like the idea of the lightbulb going on when you’re creating : )

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    1. ProfessorDMA, Thank you for explaining your vote. I’m very interested to hear, specifically, what aspects of the magazine you feel are represented in #4. I’ve been fascinated with watching the results come in throughout the day, and it’s clearly a fan-favorite, but I would like to hear more about how our readers view our magazine. It’s always good for editors to hear the voices from the other side of the magazine. This opens a great opportunity for dialogue between the readers and the writers/editors.

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        1. I could tell. I just thought I’d translate in that verbose way I do things. What a fun opportunity! Many thanks to Professor DMA for getting this rolling.


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