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About God

A ballerina twirling in the sky
about to fall on the quiet grass
with broken glass in it
is me.

I keep trying to decode your prescriptions
mostly with a glass of wine in one hand
my head in the other.

It is noise in a crowded restaurant
Your religion.

The only thing pain teaches you
is that more pain is coming.
teaches you the same.

But You ask me to live
which is to pretend
that I do not know that.

Everything beautiful – blue flowers,
white plains,
are doing a dance
until the music stops

and then I get to meet You,
but I have already finished



Gayane M. Haroutyunyan is an Armenian-American poet living in Los Angeles. Her work appeared in Chaparrel, Zetetic, and Apple Valley Review online journals among others. She holds an MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College. Her hobbies include daydreaming in public places, cooking, and traveling places with her heart.

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