Planned Parenthood Drum Jam at Groovy Goods 9/29/15

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On Tuesday, September 29th, Cori Hackworth and I went to stand with Planned Parenthood at Groovy Goods in Arlington, Texas ( Due to the recent attacks on the centers, which includes violent protests and attempts to de-fund the entire organization, we thought, why not go and support a place that, AHEM, most of us have used?

Why the AHEM? One in three women have had an abortion.

No one talks about it. Besides abortions, Planned Parenthood provides the entire scope of women’s reproductive healthcare.

The event itself was light and fun, with an air of childlike enthusiasm bonding us all together. There were belly dancers, hula hoops,  pizza and sodas; not to mention a terrific little shopping spot called Groovy Goods. As a former Austin resident, this place took me back home so to speak. The shop was full of terrific home-made soaps and lotions, handcrafted jewelry and deliciously hippie apparel that made me want to pre-order tickets to every music fest in the state.

Cori even penned a delightful haiku about the evening:

Hoops graceful on hips
We stand with planned parenthood
Hearts burn in the night

-Kelly Fitzharris Coody-

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