About Us

Who are we?

What a Literary Magazine is Supposed to be About: The Writers, Artists and Above All, YOUR Voice!

About Us

We’re open-minded, hang slightly to the left and quite frankly, are sick of all the repetitive garbage  we’re reading on other web sites.

We nominate yearly for the PUSHCART PRIZE! Instead of being a cookie cutter, a stencil, an outdated textbook or a detailed instruction manual, we choose to be the Rubik’s Cube.


Not being strictly managed, formatted and dated to death, we, instead, choose to be the puzzle. We don’t abide by any type of owner’s manual for a specific reason: Life does not come with an instruction manual. Life is, instead, a puzzle that we work to solve each day.

We strongly, passionately believe that instead of being taught what to think, we should be teaching each other how to think, and also be taught how to think. Only then will we discover the capabilities of our own individual cognitive abilities. Only then will we be enabled to find answers to the larger questions that seem to evade us.

Let’s re-learn together. Let’s re-learn how to think. It’s another step toward shattering the mold. Another step toward “unplugging ourselves from the Matrix.”

Who is Sick Lit Magazine?

Editor-In-Chief, founder and CEO: Kelly Fitzharris


Kelly is the founder and Editor in Chief of Sick Lit Magazine; she created the concept and web site one balmy morning in September of 2015, after waking up from a stomach-virus-induced haze. After wasting years piddling around with her own writing, trying to “sell” and “pitch” her pieces to uppity literary magazines and disillusioned agents, she decided to be the change she wished to see on the literary horizon. Instead of asking herself the question, why?, she, instead, began asking herself, why not?!  To that end, she primarily writes crime-fiction, psychological thrillers and veritable “page-turners.” Look out for her first book, Unhinged, to be released from Snow Leopard Publishing, LLC late the summer of 2016 or early fall.

She’s also a quirky individual, not without a myriad of idiosyncrasies! A beauty product junkie and fashion addict, she feels that Rachel Zoe can do no wrong. She lives and dies by the Zoe Report. Among her other guilty pleasures, when she gets free time, she loves to watch shows like Hoarders and My 600-lb Life while she buys more sunglasses to add to her collection.

Senior Editor: Nicole Ford Thomas


Nicole Ford Thomas was born on a cold December morning with far more than her fair share of organizational skills. Also bestowed upon her at birth was an intense need to challenge authority, fight the patriarchy, and voraciously root for the underdog. Her first words were “Stick it to The Man.” She brings this passion to Sick Lit Magazine, striving to be a revolutionary in the literary world.

When she’s not raging against the machine, Nicole enjoys a good cup of coffee with her husband and giggling at memes with her teenage daughters. Despite being an avid reader, she cannot understand what makes “the classics” so great, and runs screaming from anything involving sappy romance or drawn-out fight scenes.

Considered a “Jill of many trades,” Nicole has been a florist, a Boy Scout, a certified personal trainer, a pizza box folder, a hostess, a telemarketer, a dog walker, a secretary, and a maid, before settling in to her calling as a writer. Nicole is currently writing her first novel, a ghost story, which should be finished someday, probably.

Contact Us

Questions, Comments or Concerns that aren’t submissions-related? 

E-mail us: sicklitsubmissions@gmail.com

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Twitter: @sicklitmag , @kellycoody , @nicfordthomas

Instagram: @sicklitmagazine


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Chip Howell says:

    I’ve only just discovered this gem. I have yet to absorb all of the writing here, but that’s something I look forward to, as well as contributing if possible. I love the range of subject matter and the overall aesthetic; thank you for the work you do, and the things you say on the “About” page.


  2. This magazine looks very interesting. I haven’t looked (or found it yet, if it’s there, but do you accept horror? Not total blood, guts and gore, but horror that’s well written? I’ve been published online and in print by a few different publishers, but I’m trying to reach more people.
    You can read some of my stories at the following website below. It’s under ‘deadzone’ when you click on the URL


    1. sicklitmag says:

      We will definitely take a look! Send it over and we’ll see what we can do.



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