We wanted a space where our regular contributors, aspiring contributors, and readers could interact with us (the editors) and each other. Let us know what you think about Sick Lit Magazine in the comments below or drop us a line at kmfitzharris@gmail.com

Check out our wacky little team in the ‘About Us’ section.

*You may also reach Kelly Fitzharris Coody, Editor-in-Chief, founder and creator of all that you see here, with any questions, comments, or concerns at kelly.fitzharris@gmail.com*


15 Replies to “Contact Us”

  1. Fellows, It is the 3rd time I am going over your guidelines and I still don’t see a place to submit to. I am not that stupid. How the —- do I send you anything?!
    Yours in Word,
    -S. A. Gerber


    1. Haha! Points for making me laugh. You are correct – I took contact information off of the site for personal safety/security reasons for a while. However: I just posted a new editorial outlining the current submissions guidelines and process. I just opened back up for submissions yesterday. I look forward to hearing from you!


  2. Can you help me fond my submission you accepted months ago titled “Ghosts of the French Quarter.” I cant seem to locate the other times i have posted this question. Please contact me at markwynn360@gmail.com


    1. Hi, Mark! I was busy picking up the pieces of my life, as I run this publication solo. I just opened back up for submissions, however. Take a look at my latest editorial for guidelines and processes. xx Kelly


    1. Hi there! I just posted an editorial outlining the new submissions guidelines. We re-opened for submissions as of yesterday. I look forward to reading your work 🙂 xx Kelly


  3. Love the new layout and the addition of the logo image in the top background. Being a graphic designer, I have to note that the picture is a bit pixelated and the top advertisement distorts the flow of the site. If at all possible I would suggest keeping the ads on the the right bar and bottom of each page. Just some thoughts. Looking great.


    1. I wish it were that easy – using different layouts means that there are parts I can control and parts I can’t. For example, I can’t move the ad’s placement on this template’s customization page. And the logo is difficult to get placed as well. So….stick around. I’ll be toying with it throughout the next few days!

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