Intangible – by JASON JACKSON

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Lockdown, and slowly March becomes April becomes May. I don’t know what I feel, but I take my camera and I walk for an hour each day. What I see is almost what I’ve always seen, but it’s full of the intangible, coloured by the context. Graffitied streets hum with absence. Most doors are closed. There’s furniture in the streets, an aching geometry to the carpark sky. The overgrown graveyard hides itself, and each day is never quite like the next.



P1050430 (1)

Jason Jackson’s prize-winning fiction appears regularly in print and online. Recent publications include The Nottingham Review, New Flash Fiction Review and Craft Literary. Jason’s story Mess of Love was recently awarded 3rd place in the 2020 Retreat West Short Story Competition and his story In my dream I see my son is featured in Best Microfictions 2020. Jason is also a photographer, and his prose/photography hybrid work The Unit is published by A3 Press. Follow Jason on Twitter @jj_fiction

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