Crying alone in a bed meant for two – a sonnet by JOSIE ALFORD

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Crying alone in a bed meant for two
Because you know there’s nothing else to do.
Try a cigarette to take away the pain
Of another fuck up, you’ve done it again.
Leave quickly with an empty goodbye,
An emotionless hug, can’t look at his eyes.
Walk down the road without turning round,
Desperate to find some familiar ground:
Home. Where you can wash away the dirt of last night
Confront your emotions or keep them out of sight.
Where you can make a nice cup of tea
Calm yourself down, trying not to see
Inside your heart, regretting to be blunt:
You didn’t realise earlier he was an absolute cunt.


***Josie lives in Bristol after graduating in English from UWE. After writing a collection of sonnets for her dissertation, Josie has been rebelling against the restrictive form and writing about life after university. Working as a receptionist, it seems that it is not the career-filled utopia she first thought. Follow her on Twitter at: ****

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