Sonnet 1/ Dandelion / Beside Me, She Sits – by CHRISTOPHER IACONO

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By Christopher Iacono


Sonnet 1

I cast the line against the cooling breeze

And clouds of gray cover the lake’s surface

The hook disrupts the water’s sole purpose

To pacify the fish inside the reeds

It doesn’t take too long for them to seize

Its morning snack without getting nervous

It bites the worm and shakes the lake’s surface

As my bobber rebounds below the trees

I gently yank the line and start to reel

Click-click-click — it’s getting closer to shore

It tries to free itself but fails — for now

I have to keep on turning ‘cause I feel

It tug — another yank, and maybe more —

It’s gone! And I alone with naked steel


I didn’t ask to be here, surrounded by so many others like me.

I didn’t ask for a golden crown with its tiny florets. And I didn’t ask that they turn to seed, only to be snatched by the wind and sprinkled among these blades surrounding me.

I didn’t ask for the seeds to grow in the crowded spots, so when they flaunt their golden heads, they have little room to breathe.

I didn’t ask to watch the others get cut down — as the blade heads my way.

Beside Me, She Sits

Beside me, she sits

Hair draping my arm

Speaking of old days

“Arthur ruled the land

Lancelot ruled my heart

And he rules it still”

Beside me, she sits

Head propped on elbow

Telling me stories

“I’ll stay by your side

A thousand-one nights

But then I must go”

Beside me, she sits

The abducted wife

Of Menelaus

“The brave Greek

They’re coming for me

In a wooden horse”

Beside me, no one

Empty bed, empty room

My mind fills again


Christopher Iacono lives with his wife and son in Massachusetts. Besides writing fiction and poetry, he has written book reviews for Three Percent and the Neglected Books Page. When he is not writing, he copy-edits and proofreads marketing materials. 

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