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Here in the underbelly of the world,

lies the darkest of shadows.

The part no one likes to look at,

filled with the rotting corpses of those the light no longer reaches

where the crimson blood of the tortured many

mixes with the dirt of the earth.

The same dirt that someone will someday lower our bodies into.


Sometimes it’s in the papers,

or flashes up on our screens.

The tale of an unfortunate one who’s eyes rolled back

in unbearable pain,

never to see the light that casts the shadow again,

but forced to stay within its binds

momentarily in our minds

eternally in the dark.


We read about it,

or watch it,


grimacing at every gory detail

telling ourselves that it’s not real,

that it’s just for show, for some sick twisted entertainment,

but we can’t look for too long


because in the shadow hides,

in plain sight,

the worst kept secret throughout all of mankind,

the truth of our mortality.



***After two years on the road traveling and jumping from job to job, Cathryn has finally settled in one place (for the duration of her Degree at least). Now in the seaside town of Falmouth, Cathryn is studying English with Creative Writing alongside working on short-stories and poems of her own. She tweets at: @cathryncampbel ***

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