Waterfront Property – by S. KAY

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Waterfront Property

by S. Kay



1% Problems

We lose balls in the ocean at her waterfront tennis court. She put up a fence; birds crashed. She bought a court on another property.


Selling Features

A drone skims over water and shore, sending video to a real estate agent selling the waterfront property. Her client asks to see the garage.


Savvy Seller

The real estate agent took the power couple out on a yacht to see the waterfront house at its best angle. The boat was too big to dock.



The couple buys the waterfront property and the agent delivers the keys with a drone, in a sea gift basket. They lose the keys in pearls.



***S. Kay is a queer, Canadian author who writes one tweet at a
time. Her book RELIANT, an apocalypse in tweets, is out now at
tNY.Press/Reliant , and her novella JOY is due January 2016 from
Maudlin House. Find her on Twitter at: @blueberrio ***

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