Absent Moments and a few Haikus from CORINNE HACKWORTH

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Absent Moments
by Corinne Hackworth
There was a time that I walked to the sea
When I arrived I stood at the very edge so that the waves could tickle the tips of my toes
but only just
I closed my eyes and leaned my head back so the wind could take my hair and I could fee the salt and spray on my cheeks.
I thought of you
and it made my heart burn
the blue of the day turned to inky grey
I found the spot in my soul where you lived
I pulled it out and I threw it as far as I could
away from me
There is a hole, a voided empty place
I am lighter
I wandered back home with the earth raw beneath my feet and belief
belief that I may not be happy
I can be content
I can be strong
I can be FREE
I can heal


Haikus by Corinne Hackworth


Sleepy mountain roads
All aspen and evergreen
Spirit rejoices

Shots fired! Shots fired! RINGS out!
For manifest destiny
Children watch mom die

An ode to Rob:
Trucker cap don’t mind
Front flip is out of control
Up down side to side

The daily grind kills
The brain screams white noise all day
Repeat tomorrow

Tuxedo kitty
Fluffy and fat on my feet
Do not hurl in shoes




 Corinne is a Texas transplant raised in the rolling Virginia mountains. Boy-mom, extraordinaire running between corporate chains and seasonal sports. She is on the extended 20 year plan for her degree living semester to semester with one fearless man, and their cats. Find her on Twitter at: @acorn103

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