Lighting the Pathway – by CATHRYN CAMPBELL

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Lighting the pathway

by Cathryn Campbell

For so long I have stood here

day after day,

the moon has come and gone,

Countless times

but Just like the stars that break-up the darkness

You don’t see it



Oh how I have tried,

and tried

to show you the way to them

But every time I point up

and light the way for you

they become invisible



***After two years on the road traveling and jumping from job to job, Cathryn has finally settled in one place (for the duration of her Degree at least). Now in the seaside town of Falmouth, Cathryn is studying English with Creative Writing alongside working on short-stories and poems of her own. She tweets at: @cathryncampbel ***

*Photography by Brian Michael Barbeito*



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