Local Band Frontman – by PREWITT SCOTT-JACKSON

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Local Band Frontman


Lead singer

self-described “Chupacabra Screamo” band

collects abandoned Band-Aids at local playgrounds


Day-jobbing RV salesman,

meticulously catalogued desk drawer housing awaits

his morning return


/M. Mouse

/Sponge B.

/Pixar paladins

/Faded neon colors


Huffing Play-Doh only gets him high on nostalgia

so he

drinks alone at Chili’s in Bedford, TX after long days of frownin’ and dialin’


Handmade concert fliers forced upon co-worker after co-worker

in the break room

as microwaves spin the latest 2-minute meal


Crushed out on June, the Alpha unit pusher,

he stealthily deposits pink post-it stanzas dedicated to her beauty




her desk…

born a jester, trying to be a prince


On most days he surfs the Screamo forums,

drowning in the undertow

crashing against virtual jagged reefs


Still riding the pine for the company softball team,

his only upside?

A distant possibility of reincarnating as a trade show throwaway tchotchke


When his band “makes it”

everyone will “know it”


especially June


July never waits



PSJ Bio Pic

***Prewitt Scott-Jackson’s work is a mutation of sorts, a ménage à trois of poetry, prose and flash fiction. The University of California Santa Barbara alum grew up on Southern storytelling prior to achieving degrees in Native American Studies and Religious Studies. Find Scott-Jackson on Twitter, at: @allsalinitylost ***

*Photo courtesy of Something You Whisper – to find out about them or their music, check out Sick Lit Magazine’s Interview with them, “Scream Along with Something You Whisper.” *

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