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I ditched wallball for

hand-holding in the mesquite grove


Saved for pegs and

converted my bike into a two-seater


In the face of my pagan upbringing

I learned Bible verses for her


Even the Jesus bracelets she adorned failed

to deter my love




She sang in the church choir,

the school choir, any choir that would have her


The choir boys worshiped at her alter,

as did I


And me?

I was no choir boy


We ’90s children of divorce were engineered to rage:


Fights after school behind Albertsons,

tweenage bloodied loading docks


Shoplifting compact discs from Circuit City,

cheating every arcade at Tilt


I never met a fire alarm I didn’t pull

I never met a wall I didn’t spray paint

I never met a bottle of MD 20/20 I didn’t take a swig from

Somehow she found me

Somehow she liked me











PSJ Bio Pic

Prewitt Scott-Jackson’s work is a mutation of sorts, a tripartition of poetry, prose and flash fiction. The University of California Santa Barbara alum grew up on Southern storytelling prior to achieving degrees in Native American Studies and Religious Studies.

*Featured artwork courtesy of the brilliant Toby Penney; to learn more about her, check out our interview here: *

One Reply to “Rebecca – by PREWITT SCOTT-JACKSON”

  1. Absolutely beautiful. So simple, yet so complex, straightforward and powerful. Great choice of the name for the girl, nice Bible reference and suitable meaning (unless you didn’t pick the first-person viewpoint solely for the sake of the art and Rebecca really existed, and in that case it’s one heck of a coincidence). Great job. Loved it.


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