How I Say I Love You – by MELISSA LIBBEY

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How I say I love you

I’m a master with words.
I can string a sentence together like a seamstress weaves a hem.
I can make a simple event sound like the most marvelous thing to happen in the history of forever.
I could convince anyone that a life without words is a life I feel that is not worth living.
But words fail me when it comes to saying I love you.

I want to be able to use words.
I want to be able to display my feelings with synonyms and syllables and metaphors galore.
I want to paint a picture with my discourse and hang it on a wall.
But I don’t know how to say I love you.

How can I tell you as your hands are sliding up my back?
How can I tell you as your lips brush my neck?
As your fingers are tangled up in my hair?
As your arms are wrapped around my waist?

As we share the same breath, as I taste your lips on mine.
I decide that instead I will show you.
I’ll keep you warm as you sleep next to me so that maybe I’ll make an appearance in your dreams.
I’ll wake up with you before the sun is up so I can make you tea to warm your soul.
I’ll make you laugh hoping that it will make you think of me while your gone.
I’ll wait up for you so that I can hold your hand while you fall asleep so that we can wake up together and do it all over again.

Maybe I get tongue-tied when I try to find the words.
Maybe I get shy when I’m consumed by the love I feel for you.
I know that I can’t seem to find the words to say how I feel.
But now you know that’s how I say I love you.


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Melissa Libbey is a recent graduate with her MA in English and Writing Studies. She is also the first intern for Sick Lit Magazine. When she isn’t writing or reading, she can be found drinking wine while petting her dog. She has also been published on Thought Catalog, Kean Xchange and her twitter: @Miss_Libbey16

*Photography also courtesy of Melissa Libbey*

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