I’m Her. And You’re Him./Blink./ – by PAM JONES

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I’m Her. And You’re Him.


A few feet in front



I see you there

Smiling at me,

The way that you do


Arms crossed

Dark hair


I run to you

but she’s


and so is he


And when our

Outstretched arms


You’re a hologram


Nothing more


So my eyes brim with tears

And I walk


But not


A pang

of sadness



I blink away

My tears

As I ask you if

We can just start over?

that it’s advice a

Good friend once

gave to me.


before I realize

you won’t read it


At all


I was once libido-worthy

I looked great

And I was a good mom


Now I don’t exist


Improbable, impossible

But we had a connection

I know you know it


Wrong. Bad timing. Geographical limitations.

but it still happened.

now i’m the hologram

that never really existed in the first place.


Pam Jones is a retired stay at home mom. Both of her kids have flown the coop but that doesn’t stop her from baking cookies and cupcakes from scratch every time they visit. She loves to start the day with a cup of coffee and her crossword puzzles. She writes poetry as a hobby and is excited to share her work.

*Featured image courtesy of Brian Michael Barbeito*

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