Sonnets – from FRED LAMANNA

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A Sonnet to the Goddess Rumina
By Fred LaManna

Thereupon the night dark as can be came along a wild haired lady mystic
As if there was any more trouble to be had by her feeding quietly along the road
One can only wonder hopelessly that he saw more than he could possibly bear
What would the captain say about the journey sending himself a message so cryptic
Scaling the walls one must exercise the thoughts very carefully or else erode
The mushy symptoms are heard shouting at the utter most peaks it is not fair

To have to handle the champions of the time envisioning a most cautious leaning
Towards where each dimension careens much the manner of a chubby lost stare
Who would amount to much bearing pity and saucy stories about the loved one
She could not much move about the corners without losing much of the meaning
Here is swallows up the dimension we could not have whispered about in a glare
Wishing a melting soaring reliable shutter it rattles and spares nothing as if done

A Sonnet to the Goddess Laverna
By Fred LaManna

Absolutely entirely a fascinating way to live out the compiling mass of all
They would not think of sending vagabonds off to see her in her golden splendor
This of course would cause casual amounts of weeping grief to any who looked over
Not being the real structure it can cause the thieving to relent over a woman tall
Angling the proper consideration must be the relish for those who want to pander
Beguiling was the kind word of the morning to be chaste and lots more to discover

Hosting a piece of the regaling action was the utmost she could do with antics
Trending the almost total configuration of the staring at multi colored hair above
Her rainbow brows made up for the cheating exquisite painting of the ailing notes
Which must compete with the cherished soaring riding the wildest blue fanatics
There goes the complacent chores tailing the roads to another soaring white dove
Who else but she a charlatan of the utmost variety simmering riding alone in boats

A Sonnet to the Goddess Lucina
By Fred LaManna

Eventually all of the cities came around to sounding off the very same way
Her very very long eyelashes made the talk become more of a constant issue
Hereby assaulting the carriageway of the potential mind alerts we often hear
Her saying what could be done with the moments of the rearing could they stay
Blessings being the manner in which we can recall an attitude from a tissue
The men do look and stare and blare away at the entire being available to leer

This momentizes the flowing of the waterways and how much time is played out
Where else are the sorrowful tattoos of spiders octagons peasants fairies monsters
Can it be so long lasting as to prevail while she gathers up her things in a basket
Momentarily consulting the effrontery which nails down the crimes within a bout
Who really can imagine the mother being relevant to the pouring chain of lobsters
Taking pleasing coping elegant stashing each every fragrant mourning dark casket


Fred LaManna is a native of Chicago, IL. These 3 sonnets are part of a 42 Goddess Sonnet Cycle inspired by the Illuminations of Rimbaud. A number of these sonnets have been published  (during the last year) in “Baby Lawn Literature” “Pink Litter” “Icarus Down Review” “Under the Fable”  and “Bear Review.”  He just completed re-writing a modern version of the 154 Shakespeare Love Sonnets. He is currently at work on another Sonnet Cycle this one dedicated to Witches. When not writing Sonnets Fred enjoys the music of Mozart and Bruckner. Fred also enjoys fast cars.

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