New York’s Facade – by DOMINGO CARRION

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New York’s Facade


  Cyclists in the streets,


Time machines full speed,


More buildings than trees,


 Less oxygen to breathe,


 Man made light,


You call this a dream?


       Outshine sky’s sight,


  Content with time,


        Fighting for life,


Carelessly spent,


Stronger despite,






“An easier life,


               Possessive passion,


tipped glasses,


Creative flashes,


       Frantic fashion,


Material suicide,

             Drastic reactions,                          


                        Growth in time,


Numbers multiply,


              Madness justified,






A Facade of being alive.



Domingo J. Carrion born in Fajardo Puerto Rico and raised in the NJ & NY area. Portrays himself as an old soul with the imagination of a child, believing thay we can have everything in this world and still have nothing. He gets inspiration from friends, family, and acquaintances, both good and bad. His goal is to travel and become a journalist, with the intent to learn and understand that which makes us who we are. He writes short stories & poems.

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