Right Before Your Eyes/Tiny Little Lines/Broken/Lithium Barbie Doll/How do You Say I Love You?/Your Hand And a Chance/Forever & a Day – poems by JASON CUETO

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Right Before Your Eyes

So much hate,
Breeding endless confusion
Open wounds
Severe contusions.
Denying Reality
Power Transfusions
Reality an illusion

Pure Arrogance
Putting an end to Innocence
Defining one’s life
By what you can get

Pure Genius becomes
Pure evil
Self-Destruction=Endless hell

Greed & Hate
Your blood
Their lies
Another Soldier dead
Another mother’s cries

Lives become pawns
The rich their kings
Greed their god
Slowly decaying

Turn on the news
And you’ll see it live
A species’ self destruction
Right before your eyes

Tiny Little Lines


Alive in a nightmare
Down in this hole
A million miles an hour
Can’t find your way home

Lost with no direction
Your mind slipping away
Why do you do this to yourself
Just to get thru the day

You never wanted an addiction
It was only supposed to be for fun
No getting off this ride now
Cuz you’ve already got one, son

No sense in running
I’m already in your head
Slowly causing insanity
Full Speed for dead

There’s no turning back now..
You’ve made your bed now lie…
Your soul lying in the gutter
All for those tiny little lines.


I walked alone down a road
Littered with ashes & crosses
Broken hearts, Broken Dreams
Broken lives, So many losses
When did life get so broken too?
Can you tell me why i’m so broken too?

I kept walkin’ on down that winding road
An came upon a man who looked a hundred years old
He said “Son you look like you’re lost to me”
I said “Man, I ain’t lost”
“I just dunno where i’m goin'”
“If you got any advice
Tell me, I’m open
Then he said Kid just remember
Nobody gets outta these parts for free

Whether it’s money
Whether it’s hope
Whether it’s lies
Or your soul
Gotta pay someone somethin
Nobody rides for free.



Lithium Barbie Doll


She’s a razor sharp dish

Wrapped in a kiss

Everything appears so fine

Won’t be long

Before you see something wrong

Those voices in her head at night


She’ll lead you in

To her den of sin

Steal your soul for the night

Better buckle your belt

Cuz it’s one helluva Roller coaster ride

Wild eyes, a mile per minute

You love me you hate me c’Mon

Which is it?

Didn’t know what I was getting when I took her home

A Lithium Barbie Doll of my very own,


Percocet princess so sweet to see

Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde

Bellevue beauty queen

Never know who she’ll be tonight


Wild eyes a mile per minute

You love me, you hate me

Now tell me what is it?

Had no idea when I brought her home

I had a Lithium Barbie to call my own


How Do You Say I Love You?


Can’t find the right words

To say the right things

For everything I want to say

Like how to tell you

You’re beautiful without

The words getting in the way

Can’t say too little

Don’t want to tell you too much

I won’t play games

And we don’t have to rush


If I found the right words

And said the right things

Like everything you need to hear

What If I treated you like my princess

Would that make things crystal clear?

Then maybe, just maybe

We could put the past behind

Start on a path

To the future tonight


But I can’t find the right words

To say the right things

That your heart needs to hear

The words to heal those scars


And make things crystal clear

The words to those things

I swore I’d never say…

How do you say I love you

With out the words getting in the way?


Your Hand and a Chance


So whats your story?

Would you tell me?

If I asked you now?


You say “what’s in it for me?”

You want to know

Just what I would get out….


Of breaking down

Those walls

You built up with pain

And taking down that door

To your tears in the rain


And finding something special

when I look in your eyes

Maybe make you see

Love’s more than just a pick up line


It doesn’t have to hurt to trust

I’m not asking for much

Just your hand and a chance to try

If you search it out

You never know

Just what your heart might find.





Jason Cueto is a 36yr old poet, writer and general misfit creative type.  Hes been writing off and on since 1996, but only recently decided to attempt to get his work in the public eye.  His uniquely lyrical style stems directly from his own experiences and he hopes to connect with as many people as possible through his poetry.  In his spare time, Jason likes to play guitar, poker, and travel.

For more of Jason‘s prose and poetry please visit:


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