What if I Believe – by MONICA FLEGG

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What If I Believe?


What if dogs didn’t shed

and house guests didn’t talk?


What if coffee came from faucets

and book’s characters edited


one at a time so that

the story became narrative evolution

with the author as merely a cameo,


but the essential cameo–

would that be like God and free will?


What if characters asked the cameo

to help them edit because

they trusted that cameo author

to do a better job with it.


What if that decision

made a better book

or a kinder character or

bridged a gap with grace,

or gave life?


What if I believe that cameo

author can do just that if I

give him back the pen.


What if I believe?


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Monica Flegg lives on Nantucket Island where she walks dogs of various breeds and reads poetry of all creeds.  Besides her family, she is passionate about words and water. She frequently finds herself submerged in both.


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