A Love So Deep – A Poetry Collection from LEESAAN ROBERTSON

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A love so deep


A love so deep like the ocean

Stood still

As the wind blows

It soars throughout the day and night

Your heart and mine

Combined together as one for eternity

My heart smiles whenever you touch me

My heart speaks

It says you’re the only man for me

Just one kiss from you makes my heart beat

Real love like ours is meant to be

My love for you is unconditional

It defines what true love is all about

It’s more than eternal

I love you

You love me

Our love is everlasting.


Deepest feelings


Let me express my deepest feelings

There’s a man who I would give my everything

He’s handsome and slightly tall

He’s my up lifter whenever I fall

If I can’t spend my days with him on earth

Tell me what’s my life really worth

I’m willing to show him the worst of me

That’s how an undying love should be

He’s my soul mate for eternity

Together we can embrace this life’s journey

I love him from the bottom of my heart

And no one can break us apart

This love of ours will never perish

He’s the man I’ll always cherish

In this world, I may never find;

Another man like him who’s one of a kind

I want to give him my all but words are not enough to say

I rather show him how I feel in every way.






When you feel like your back is against the wall

Just stand up tall

And try not to fall

Because every hardship you face in your life

Father God will carry you through them all

And he will bring your suffering to an complete end

In the blink of an eye; you’ll smile again

Lift your head up high

And continue to try;

Don’t give up the fight

For you’ll be a victor when you step out of the darkness

And walk towards the light.


Sweet kisses


Our kisses are sweet as candy

Which is why I always get a sugar rush feeling

All over my body

Just your lips on mine

Makes our love more divine

We’ll embrace each other

In this beautiful life forever

You and I are connected as one soul

Together we stand and become whole

I can’t get enough of you

And I know you feel the same way about me too

Our love is strong like a brick wall

And nothing or no one can make us fall.


Life goes on


When I die

Don’t cry

Don’t shed any tears

Just think of those beautiful years

You and I have shared


Don’t drown yourself in sorrow

But look towards tomorrow

Love don’t stop when I’m dead and gone

It continues to live on


My memories will surround

No matter what you do

Just want you to smile

Though I’m not around.



I crave you


I have never liked a man this much

Forever I crave your magical touch

I think of you all the time

How I wish you were mine

In my heart; you own a special place

I just cannot live without seeing your handsome face

I need you in my life

But if I can’t have you

This soul of mine would feel like it’s cut with a knife

Whenever I’m around you

There’s no sadness only never ending love that’s so true

I know you sense the connection between you and I

So you can’t fight it no matter how hard you try

I believe we are made for each other

And one day the angels will bring us closer together

Whenever we make sweet love

It’s like a taste of heaven up above

If I had to live without you, I would lose my sanity

All I want is you and I to bond as one for eternity

I crave you in every way

So listen attentively to the words I say

And let me show you my love in action

But you have to give me your full attention.




Hold on to


What do I have to hold on to?

When I wake up every morning feeling hopeless

Not wanting to get out of bed

For I know nothing good lies ahead

Discouragement takes over me

Now I’m just a lost soul

Trying very hard to reach my goals

I’m broken



And I have no one but myself

There’s so many questions I want to ask God

Such as;

Why is my life so sad?

Why do most people mistreat me bad?

Why am I struggling so much?

All I want and need is one holy touch

To uplift my spirit

And make me feel encouraged

My mind is filled with negative thoughts

Which blocks me from taking the right path

And step towards my destiny

Sometimes I get confused of how to start

A new chapter in my life

I have big dreams like accomplishing the best

And being a good wife

A woman like me don’t believe in quitting

Therefore, I will continue fighting

I feel like I have a lot of strength inside

Which motivates me to keep trying

Though I don’t have anything to hold on to

Because my life is at an stand still.



Leesaan Robertson is from St.Ann’s bay Jamaica. She loves to write poetry in her spare time because it’s her passion.

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