Bleak/Apparition by Broken Montague

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It is bleak, and the sky above is dim.

Rain smoothly drops, I remember him.

He grasps gently in my heart’s chamber,

Can’t resist, I called his 11-digit number.


Then, I knew he is already happy.

With a girl he really loves, she’s pretty.

I called my best friends and got tipsy;

Weeping ‘coz I can’t move on, sadly.


I can’t quite conceal how heavy this feeling is.

Seeing her blushing and laughing when he teases.

The 3-month rule that he should have at least considered.

He recklessly wrecked my heart and murdered.


Our happy days and months were gone so fast,

Like the unconditional love we found, and trust.

They said I should’ve now forgotten about him,

Since it was already years and a half ago.


He left an indelible mark that changed my whole world,

By the most unlikely and unforgettable spoken words.

We will somehow meet someday in any interwoven road,

But soon I’ll find love again that I’ll forever hold.




I dreamt of you last night,

You hugged me so tight.

An apparition of what should we be.

Mostly called it as a fantasy.


We laughed at certain things.

In my dream, so much joy you bring.

We kissed ourselves to bed,

But in reality, you’re unobtainable to heed.


I woke up from that sweetest nightmare,

I remember how my heart felt broken.

‘Coz you never ever seem to care

On I love you’s, to you,  I have spoken.



Broken Montague is a complete novice in the field of poetry. He is an educator from the Philippines who dreamt to inspire so many people through his own words. His experiences in life and in love made him write his own masterpieces. He is deeply in the verge of happiness as these masterpieces come into reality.


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