Young Woman’s Epiphany – by KI-ANA L. TONGE

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Young Woman’s Epiphany

Ki-Ana L. Tonge


Did you know?

Did you know that you were the gasp of air between my every breath?

The tip-tap to my every step

Love captivating my every sense

Your heavenly scent lingered on my neck

From where lips have last been…

The notes on my five liens core

Finger stroke striking my every chord

And your lovely smile,


You were the single star to my empty sky.

The sun shine one my flower petals,

Allowing me to bloom

You were the wind to my howl on an eerie full moon

My path when I’m lost

My light in the dark

The blue blood that seeps from my once reddened heart

The waves in my ocean

The heat of my fire

The feathers of my wings

The energy in my wires


You were the…

The leaves falling in autumn

The snowfall in winter

The drops on my window that trickles down my window pane

The clouds on a stormy day

The waters of the rain

So if I try to forget you it won’t be hard to find another thing in nature

That fails not to remind



Ki-Ana L. Tonge is a humble,  outgoing, creative,  and ambitious nineteen year old from St.Croix , USVI, with a love for writing. She is on a mission to be the very best she can be,  and strives to make a difference with the tools and talents God has given her.

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