Wound / Affect(ion) / Beget – by BRANDON STANWYCK

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the wound he won’t


let heal


leaves me scarred.


i well up when


his eyes


refuse to cry.


the blood in his


boxer briefs


burns my dreams.


why do that to


a boy,


to feel…powerful?


now are you a


real man,


since raping him?


i sincerely hope you


feel big


and so strong.


because if you don’t,


my friend


broke for nothing.





i surrender so many fucks


because you refuse to give a single one.


my fucks perish trying to prove my love;


yours still have a price tag.


(do you plan on returning them?


i mean, it’s not like you’re gonna use ’em.)


all i want is to get back just


a shred of what i spend,


my whole heart for a sliver of yours.


i’m at a loss—i’ve:


begged with touch, beseeched with words


and ceded all of my available time.


every part of me is in your hands, except


my dick since i guess you’re so bored by it,


though you know better than anyone


that i practically worship yours. well


whenever you wish to bestow it upon me,


i have got just the spot.


…i’m still waiting on that fuck




to love a non-lover


is my heart’s worst


repeat offense…


cannibalizing itself


to mend broken boys


whom it cannot help


but fall in love with,


having oft glimpsed at


their tender hearts


with eager devotion—


unaware that they, while


affable and sweet


at first,


are in actuality aloof


and somewhat frosty


—but then it is too late,


and it is my heart, wrecked,


in need of a boy, who


does not exist,


to heal me with affection, which


will never be felt



Brandon Stanwyck is a Cleveland-based crewman for film and television productions. Twitter: @BrandonStanwyck | Instagram: @brandoncinema



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