Anyone else asking themselves, ‘What the *CUSS WORD* is going on?!’ I am. So are a lot of women right now. – Kelly Fitzharris Coody

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For starters, let me be clear: since my last post, things have gotten much, much worse in terms of cyber bullying and trolling. 


“My blood pressure has stayed at heart-attack level for days.”

“I have actually gotten sick over this.”

“I can’t be online right now…for my own mental health and sanity.”

[Actual Facebook feed quotes from two women and from one man.]

“So glad to be rid of this imaginary white privilege!”

“The red states are sane. The blue ones, I’ve named, “dumbfuckistan.”

“What did you do? Why are so many people mad at you? What did you do?”

[Actual Facebook quotes from men. Two of them avid Trump supporters, one just kind of clueless in a lost-puppy sort of way.]

What, in God’s name, IS going on? Unwarranted trolling has been happening on my page for quite some time now, pretty much right when my book was released, but it was all vulgar in its content. (Sexually explicit kind of vulgar). 

Now, it’s all become violent, threatening, and disturbingly mean. And, I might add, it’s all coming from my fellow Americans. Isn’t that something? That we’re so torn apart by politics that we are dividing ourselves from one another and isolating others left and right. We’re blocking each other, telling them we hate them, and we’re even screaming at people who are on the same side. WHAT THE FUCK?

Having been on the receiving end of a lot of misdirected hate from a lot of misguided men and women, something IS, indeed, going on.

My apologies for this letter being as brief as it is. I have come down with a cold. And for my sanity’s sake, I need to lie down again.

Kelly Fitzharris Coody


3 Replies to “Anyone else asking themselves, ‘What the *CUSS WORD* is going on?!’ I am. So are a lot of women right now. – Kelly Fitzharris Coody”

  1. “You Want It Darker

    If you are the dealer, I’m out of the game
    If you are the healer, it means I’m broken and lame
    If thine is the glory then mine must be the shame
    You want it darker
    We kill the flame”

    Leonard Cohen

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