Greenhouse Effect – by KI-ANA L. TONGE

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Greenhouse Effect


Ki-Ana L. Tonge


Have you been watering your poet-tree lately?

The shrivel of once crispy leaves

And lifeless bending of branches are screaming,

“Feed me.:


For my hydration is lacking

Tree trunk is blackening

Insides beginning to




Every time you neglect to pick up a pitcher and wet

Parched roots

You make way for yet another kind of pesticide to settle

Ant take roost in the hollow corridors of your talent

Bark starts to lift and chip away

Fibrous veins desiccate into



Falling in spring

Cuz’ life refuses to spring up from the fingertips of feeble, outstretched hands

That once sprung with head high

Beaming pride

Staring straight at the sun


Engorged with vitality and stomach

Rounded by the waters of your inscribed morality

You, are a poet.

Your liquefied intellect should always be steadily trickling

Tickling the throat of a fern craving to be rhetorically nourished by your thought processes’

Molecular H2o

Oh, why do you deprive your poet-tree so?

Don’t you know?

Your words are the Shui

Giving Will to the Willow’s word played soul.

A wise farmer once said,

If rhetoric’s wit yearns to stay youthful

Then give it 8 ounces

It shall stay fruitful

A minute be an ounce and the ounce build to pint

Dedicate a sole gallon every single night

And in due time,

As sure as a true farmer’s cycle follows the moon,

Your tree will flourish.

And blossom.

And bloom.



Ki-Ana L. Tonge is a humble,  outgoing, creative,  and ambitious nineteen year old from St.Croix , USVI, with a love for writing. She is on a mission to be the very best she can be,  and strives to make a difference with the tools and talents God has given her.

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