Partial Epiphanies – by Sneha Subramanian Kanta

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Partial Epiphanies




Embers of dawn scatter over a pavement

like breadcrumbs little birds peck at, hurriedly,


often leaving some for the others –




Fractured nations navigate lengths and breadths,

their theorems resting within parameters

of geographical territories and biospheres

where terror cries as a newborn infant – between

gunpoint and extracting of breath.




There is nothing here.

Suddenly, the landscape changes – shifting

to the aftermath, a death dance among plastic cans,

shreds of wastepaper, human excreta and so forth –




There are pits deeper than sorrow – in radiuses

of mourning.


The morning is chaotic, in its silent endeavor

of sunlit patches. All is covered in a sleet of calm

and beetle dung.


snehaSneha Subramanian Kanta straddles paths from linear and discursive lines. Ghettos, immigrants, nations, untold refugee tales, the manufacturing of otherness and writing from the margins are some subject matters of resonance. Her work is forthcoming in Fallujah Magazine, Babbling of the Irrational, Erstwhile Magazine, Sahitya Akademi, Noble/ Gas Qtrly, Stanzaic Stylings and and the first print anthology of Peacock Journal. She is a GREAT scholarship awardee pursuing her second postgraduate degree in literature in the United Kingdom. Write to her on

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