File Number Twenty, a Poetry Collection – by Ken W. Simpson

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The Sins of Redemption


Birds chirp in a soulless sky


from each day’s bias

when the media publishes

hypocrisy and lies

as propaganda

to which people react

with displays of rage

or faith in fantasies

as alternatives to happiness.



Alone at Home


Morose memories

of gray days

indifferently adapting

to parodies of respectability

in suburbia

at monotonous family gatherings

insulated from apathy

by duty


and an absence of affection.



Doctrines of Deception


Cloned clouds hover

over hollows between hills

where mists whisper

about degenerate genes

and unkind eyes

obsessed by sex

glitter in faces

indifferent to time

and the decay of beauty.

the virus of violence.


The Theory of Devolution


The braying of a goddamn ass

preaching to a congregation

of reincarnated dogs and cats

inside a mud brick temple

built before the genocide

that vaporized

tyrants, politicians and lechers.

kenwsimpsonAn Australian poet whose latest collection, ‘Patterns of Perception’, was published by Augur Press (UK) in January 2015. He lives with his family at Lysterfield, a Melbourne suburb, in the state of Victoria.

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