India, 1980


Paris, 1980




* * *

markwyattSince around 1980, Mark Wyatt has been photographing people on the streets of wherever he happens to be. Intended for personal fulfillment, his photographs have never been exhibited and have only recently begun being published in select literary journals. He generally posts one or two images a week to his website at The images are all uncropped and are minimally processed so that each one most faithfully reproduces what the camera saw at the moment that the shutter was tripped. In the end, each of his photographs aspires to be a simple but memorable snapshot of our world, and to be worthy of being visited more than once.

One Reply to “Photography by Mark Wyatt”

  1. This is powerful work! It reveals a truth, a level of honesty and insight, which words and other forms of expression are incapable of!


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