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Welcome Back, Chief!

Let’s extend a warm welcome to our Editor-in-Chief, Kelly Fitzharris Coody, who is jumping back into the action here at Sick Lit! If you’ve been keeping up with her Letters, you’ll know she’s been through a lot of stress the last few months. How about some kind words of gratitude and encouragement for Kelly in the comments? We wouldn’t be here if she didn’t have the heart to build us this “Island of Misfit Writers” so let her know how happy we are to have her back.

New Submissions Guidelines

While SLM has built a reputation on having a “devil may care” attitude towards convention, the time has come when, in order to steer the magazine in the direction of our goals, we need to set clearer guidelines for our submissions.

With a name like Sick Lit Magazine, we get many submissions that take “sick” to a literal level rather than the slang definition in which it was intended. We are aware of the sick lit genre, how it can apply to physical or mental illnesses, and that is not what we aim to promote. When we present you “sick” lit, we mean it will be exceptionally awesome.

As always, we do not accept submissions with overt or implied racism, misogyny, or gratuitous vulgarity. Our tagline is “Bringing the real, keeping the weird” and are choosing to focus our acceptances on works that do just that. We want to feel the real in your stories, poetry, photography, et cetera, while simultaneously feeling the ground tilt under our feet. Take reality and twist it.

Another way that our laid-back approach to submissions has caused hiccups is that we seem to have gained a reputation for publishing everything that crosses our inbox. We’ve had writers upset because they’ve been published by us before, but a recent submission was rejected for missing the mark. Being open to works that don’t fit traditional roles in the literary world is not the same as saying we have no standards. If you previously considered Sick Lit to be an easy publication, a “last resort” after other magazines rejected a piece, be prepared to reconsider.

Call For Submissions

We’ve changed up our submissions reading process, too. I’ll be handling flash-/creative non-/fiction submissions, and Kelly will be heading up poetry, photography, and miscellaneous submissions. Our inbox is very poetry-heavy, which leads to days of nothing but poetry being published, simply because of the ratios. We’ve heard your concerns about Sick Lit turning into a poetry magazine, and want to keep things proportionate, so…

We are putting out a call for your fiction, creative non-fiction, and flash fiction submissions!

We don’t want you to stop sending poetry, but if you’re sitting on a few flash fiction or short stories collecting dust, we want them! If you’re waiting for the right time, that time is now! Kelly and I have also been working on new themes for 2017, so keep an eye out for an update in the next few weeks to help get your muse in gear.

-Nicole Ford Thomas, Senior Editor-

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