Ghost Highway, a poetry collection by Matt Borczon

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Ghost highway #7

It’s a

devils kiss


a raising

sun and

the highway

is a

heart string

varicose  vein

shoe lace


a suture

closing the

skin between



Ghost highway blues #1

old farm

houses blink

like eyes

along the



as clouds

break loud

enough to


the crows


Ghost highway blues #2

the sun

across the

horizon is

a smile


a mouth


a forest

fire swallowing

this highway

We’re driving

across like

horses being

run to death



the end

will be

warm in

the fire.


Ghost highway #4

the best

thing about

Pa highways

are the

twists and

turns raises

and drops

in elevation

and the

way it

all looks

so different

before and

after sunrise

it’s the

perfect place

to scatter

the  ghosts

and nightmares

I got

in the




Matthew Borczon is A nurse and Navy sailor from Erie, Pa. He has written 2 books of poetry A Clock of Human Bones available through the Yellow Chair review Press and Battle lines available through Epic Rites press. His next book Ghost train will be released in 2017 through Weasel press.


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