Submission – by Michael Marrotti

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You would’ve


I was attending

a funeral

by the sight

of tears

swelling up

in my eyeballs


This breakup

was unexpected

this death I

could never

have predicted


This life

which was mine

equipped with

altered perception

is now buried

with my dealer

inside that casket


Each day I

slowly rise

from the depths

of that burial

dirty as can be


to get clean


I used to be more

than grey skies

in the forecast

liberated from

flu like symptoms


over obstacles


There was a time

when I would kill

murdering the pain

came easy

now with your death

and departure

the resource of

my pleasures

have been beaten

into submission



Michael Marrotti is an author from Pittsburgh with a chemical imbalance and lack of patience. His writing has propagated the small press like chlamydia in Beechview. He’s been faithfully volunteering at the Light Of Life Rescue Mission for the past three years now, the man believes in action. His chapbook is available here:

And if you need to reach him:

2 Replies to “Submission – by Michael Marrotti”

  1. wow, very powerful post. Break-ups can be like a death in some ways. There is a definite loss and absence that you’re left with. I wish you healing and peace – speak766

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