Okay! Let’s Try a ‘Reboot,’ so to Speak.

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I want to try an experiment.

I’m changing things for a bit and I, personally, will be open to accepting a very limited and very specific type of submission for a while.

*NO simultaneous submissions (I CANNOT, for the life of me, dedicate my time to reading 24 pages, start typing an acceptance letter, only to be interrupted by the same author already sending me an email that their work has been accepted elsewhere. If you want to be a part of this tight-knit network, then be apart of it.)

*I will run ONE theme: in the body of your email, put ‘FUTURE’ or it will be promptly discarded.

The theme (writing prompt, rather) is: You wake up 500 years in the future. Through your protagonist, show how and what it is like. Imagine that your protagonist has been in a coma and is waking up to see what the world is like 500 years from now. This will make ALL submissions different from one another; no two will be alike. It will show me your writing style, your outlook, your tone, and your ability to make strong, defined characters by how you interpret this writing prompt.

This is my last attempt to make SLM work for both me and for those of you who are dedicated to this publication and seeing it succeed.

This is a small, almost workshop-like way of taking submissions. I’m going to see if I can A.) handle it, and B.) enjoy it again.

Instead of sending them to the submissions email, please email them to me personally at kelly.fitzharris@gmail.com

**For now, disregard the submissions and submissions FAQ page on the site. This is your guide for the time being. Feel free to comment and ask questions in the comment section below. There is a lot of work that I have left to do on this site to make it what I want it to be again. However, I’m starting small and working my way back up.**

Start writing! Inspire me, wow me, fight for your work, and make me believe in this industry again.



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