The Bony Fishes / Plainspoken Living Room – Katy Telling

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The Bony Fishes – Katy Telling

The Bony Fishes


The other two have elements from an ancient copy of, “Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia V. 4 Fishes I”, published by Van Nostrand Reinhold. Its been gutted for material and unfortunately I don’t have the copy right info. But I would say its probably from the 70s.

Plainspoken Living Room – Katy Telling

Plainspoken Living Room


Regarding the sources for the found poetry, I used How to Decorate by Martha Stewart for Plainspoken Living Room. The text is from her book, with some words removed so its akin to blackout or erasure poetry. The image is also from the book with additional elements to form the collage. Unfortunately I don’t have a source for the picture of the the kids smoking, but its from some 90s anti drug text for students.

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Katy Telling is a writer and mixed media artist from the northeastern United States, currently working on two hybrid art/poetry chapbooks and designing a book cover for Malarkey Books. You can see her work on Instagram or Twitter @PoeticRituals and on the cover of Harbinger Asylum Literary Magazine. Look for upcoming projects with Manque Magazine, Botticelli Magazine, Pink Plastic House, Mythic Picnic, and more. Katy is the second featured writer at Sick Lit Magazine for the May, 2019 edition. 


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