Between the River and the Moon – Ella Nobles

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Between the River and the Moon – Ella Nobles


there is a picture on my kitchen wall that reads 

“between the river and the moon”

i don’t know why but it somehow reminds me of you 

it reminds me of us and what we almost were


i sit awake most nights thinking of what i might of done wrong 

i always draw a blank but i still think it was my fault 

when i do eventually fall asleep 

i sleep next to the rock you gave me by the waterfall 

i sleep above the red windbreaker you bought me on mccart 

i sleep a few feet away from the green columbia you gave me when we first kissed


i think it means something when i see the moon or a star and i think of you 

that’s why i bought you that star 

on your birthday i hope you look up 

i hope you look up and smile 

and remember the girl that bought you that star

i hope you miss me

i hope you miss that moment when we first kissed 

and when i handed you the candy and star 

cause i know i miss you 

i miss you like i miss the the moon during the day 


i don’t miss when you called me while i was with my friends smoking a cigarette 

when your voice cracked as you told me we were better off as friends 

and you said you’d try and lied 

i knew you were too good to be true 

i would’ve taken the train

we were between the river and the moon 

but i guess it was just a tale 

but all tales are just simple truths 

# # #


Ella is a writer born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. She loves painting and Kurt Vonnegut. You can catch her on insta at Emoellaa.

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