Fractured – by JOANNE SPENCER

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Anxiety crashed the gate,

bruising the battered

shape she had melded into,

emptying her voice

                                his voice

like a movie reel,

left untethered,

spun infinite

disapproval of her choice

                                 his choice

that sliced her veins,

littering the surface with

shards of a crimson sky,  

silencing her voice

                                 his voice

the only one

that seemed to matter

as they lay unbuttoned

in the collapsed house.


joanne spencer

Joanne Spencer’s work has appeared in Sick Lit Magazine, Mother’s Always Write, Wildflower Muse, Ink In Thirds, The Tribe, Into the Void, Dying Dahlia Review and the Waterford, Michigan Outdoor Exhibit Poetry Leaves. She currently works as an Administrative Coordinator for the Board of County Commissioners in Northeast FL where she lives.  She has published one novel, The Letter Keeper. 

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