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As told to Kelly Fitzharris Coody


SickLitMagazine: What type of artwork do you do?

Sara Driftwood: I mess around with a lot of different mediums. For the past few years I have been into mostly ink drawings. I usually stick to just black work but occasionally I digitize my art and add some color. Depending on my mood I do some abstract work and cartoon style pieces. I think it would be safe to say the general theme of everything is dark. I have been expanding recently into some occult themed pieces both ink drawings and paintings.

SLM: What inspires you?

SD: Inspirations come and go for me. Currently eyeballs are at the top of my list. Oh, and skulls.

SLM: What are your current music obsessions? (i.e., what’s in your CD player or on your iPhone on rotation?)

SD: I have a ridiculous amount of musical obsessions. I listen to music a lot throughout my day. Tool is a huge obsession for me and I usually listen to them when I’m commuting or working on more abstract pieces of artwork. Lebanon Hanover, Deftones, Thy Art Is Murder, Twiztid and Acacia Strain are a few others.

SLM: Where do you live? What activities are you involved in along with your art?

SD: I live and attend college in Peterborough, Ontario. As for activities I occasionally do SPFX work and that’s about it currently.

SLM: What is SPFX?

SD: SPFX is short for Special Effects makeup.

SLM: Do you sell art?

SD: I sell some selected original pieces, prints and stickers. I currently do not have a store but for existing artwork/ prints or commissions I can be reached by email
I have most of my artwork on Instagram as well (saraz0mb13)
Eventually I do plan on opening an Etsy store.

SLM: Do you have any side jobs or hobbies?

SD: I’m working on a cookbook currently. I don’t want to give out too much details but it is horror themed and is going to be awesome. My other hobbies include a horror themed podcast called Talk Sick Podcast. We cover a lot of weird topics, the paranormal, conspiracy theories, local legends and just strange stuff. It is not set in stone yet, but in the future I may have some SPFX work ahead in a few film shorts. I’m currently working on a “Dark Side of Disney” series. I’m going through some movies and throwing a dark twist on them. I’d love to share it in the distant future!

SLM: What advice can you give to struggling artists or writers? I think as creatives we can all fall into the trap of self-doubt.

SD: If you are struggling you got some shit going on in your brain that is blocking your ability to create.. Tell that shit to fuck off. Think about (and don’t ever forget) what has inspired you to this point. Also trying new things doesn’t hurt, experiment and see if there is anything you can do to aid the process. I suck at giving advice, I hope that was uplifting.

SLM: It was perfect. Tell me more about this Dark side of Disney.

SD: The Dark Side of Disney deals with the darker aspects of life: Suicide, murder, prostitution, cannibalism (just to name a few). I’m sticking with the classic characters as well. If you creep my instagram I have some teasers of the first few in the series. I’m also up for suggestions, I have about 15 other ones I plan on adding, Sleeping Beauty is next.


**For more information on Sara’s artwork, podcasts or SPFX work, e-mail her at, follow her on twitter @saraz0mb13 and Instagram, saraz0mb13 or visit her web site at**

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