Driftwood Shows Sick Lit Magazine her Sketchy Side…


“The ‘dimebag’ one was from ages ago when I was a teen. I actually entered some art show through my school and won an award on that one. It was a print that I made from Plexiglas etching/scratching,” says Driftwood of her artwork. Not only is the Ontario native skilled in digital art, but the girl can sketch.


Some of these are reminiscent of Nightmare Before Christmas / Book of Life / Corpse Bride to me. I wonder if any tattoo art is in Driftwood’s future? I guess we’ll all have to stay tuned to find out.

But in the meantime, I’m really digging Driftwood’s style. 


**For more information on Sara’s artwork, podcasts or SPFX work, e-mail her at mortui.vivos.doc3nt@gmail.com, follow her on twitter @saraz0mb13 and Instagram, saraz0mb13 or visit her web site attalksick.tangentboundnetwork.com**


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