AMERICA – LAND OF THE…PERPETUALLY SICK? We’ve given a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Poppin’ bottles” over in the USA.

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I Said Hey…What’s Going on? With our HEALTH?


Yes, we’re obese, overweight, sedentary…and you can finish that sentence all on your own, I’m sure.

And yeah, so we eat the equivalent of preservatives in our food daily that are also found in dish detergent.

But there are some of us out there who exercise and eat right, right? There, indeed, are.

Disease, chronic illnesses and cancer pervade across all lines of race, wealth and socioeconomic status in our country. And according to a study published in 2013 by New Scientist, America is failing across the board.

So, where are we going wrong? Is it more of our extremist capitalism trumping health and humanity?

According to the Commonwealth Fund’s web site, in 2010 the US came in DEAD LAST among seven countries in “health system performance” based on these measures: QUALITY, EFFICIENCY, ACCESS, EQUITY, and….(ding! ding! ding!) HEALTHY LIVES. 

“So what?” you might say, “That was in 2010.”

Well, to answer your question, the Commonwealth Fund revisited the issue in 2014. Sadly, the results were the same. We came in last out of 11 nations for the exact same reasons. How is this possible, when America’s healthcare system is the most EXPENSIVE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM IN THE WORLD? (

I will implore you to go to to check out what they’re doing over there.

Some pretty enlightening and disturbing research has been done and it’s about time someone does something about it. These statistics have been getting worse for almost six years now and what have we done, collectively, as a nation? Watch it happen.

What a sad state we are in. To say that healthcare needs major reform is an understatement; how about we torch it and begin again?

Someone needs to Upton-Sinclair this bitch. It looks like there are some people who are trying. But how far can we get when healthcare is a FOR-PROFIT BUSINESS? 

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