HARMLESS – by Annabel Banks



by Annabel Banks

SO here’s something for nothing. You know those guys, the ones on the street, all hey baby hey baby hey looking goooooood? Well, one got me the other day as I was walking home from college. All the usual hey hey smile hey hey hey can you hear me stuff.

I could hear him. And he was walking in front but facing me, you know? Like he was walking backwards, little step by little tripping step, so he wasn’t looking behind him, didn’t see the yellow tape and then –


He fell in the hole.

So I was confused, yeah? I mean, he’d been trying to confuse me, like by getting too close, making my heart beat that little bit faster, you know how it is. Like not knowing at what point between own-thoughts and stone-face you need to be. I SO wish I was…

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