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We’ve received so many excellent submissions–meaning this will be a truly poem-filled week.

We kicked it off with Prerna Bakshi’s emotional, beautiful and, at times, painful collection of poetry. Because life is that way.

And we dig poetry that sheds light on this reality and is unafraid to expose itself.

I found my love of poetry in a Chilean poetry class I took as a last-minute elective while I was studying journalism as a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin. I loved it before that; I even wrote a poem entitled, “Actress,” when I was an angsty adolescent at the age of 15 that won second place in a random contest; but it wasn’t until college that I truly understood poetry.

This week we are here to display it in all forms and facets; whether it be a haiku, sonnet or abstract, we want to showcase the most talented poets of our time (which is now, in 2015) and make our readers think beyond the simple written word. (Not that fiction or news stories are simple; poetry is almost like a literary puzzle.)

We’re still in our open-submissions-call time-frame, so get your poetry to me at ASAP.

And to everyone, remember, you have until the 30th to get your work in. 

Among the poets we will be publishing throughout the week will be: Prerna Bakshi, Josie Alford, Owen Clayborn, Jamie Andrews, Kanika Katyal and Christopher Iacono and many more to come.

Peace and love,

-Kelly on behalf of SLM-



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