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Chaotic randomness fills my mind,       stories,       ideas,         words.

A clammer of different voices – demanding to be heard.

Remember when…

I have a great idea…

Mines better…

Worries creep in, what if…            will I manage…            will she live…

Passion takes over, love, hate, betrayal, fear – will he stay?                                                  Am I enough?

Overwhelming thoughts, discarded memories work up a storm inside

my head.

I wish for peace from the endless torment,

I wish for escape,                                     even death…

Harry Olivia Petunia Auraya We are all in the gutter I dreamed a dream…

A sunset, the crash of waves, a bloody knife…

Characters, quotes, images come flooding in,

sensory overload.

I will never win my freedom,                           I will never escape…

My mind is a constant battlefield of chaotic thoughts.

Let them go…


Me recent

***Anthony Sprouse is a short story author, novelist, and poet. He has several pieces of work appearing or forthcoming in several publications. Currently he is studying a Bachelor’s Degree in creative writing, and when he’s not writing avidly, he’s most likely getting stuck into a new book with a big mug of hot chocolate. He tweets at: ***


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