Love Your Enemy/The Cooking Gene/Poets are ultimately… – POETRY BY PRERNA BAKSHI

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Love your enemy



Love your enemy, they say. So I love them by killing them softly with my kisses, dripping with this unquenchable hate that grows stronger with each passing day. As bitter and rich as dark chocolate, as bright as the color red. Blood red. Trust me when I say my kisses are irresistible. Inescapable. To die for. Killing – quite literally.

My other enemies would attest for it or at least they could, if they were still alive.


The Cooking Gene



He asked if I could cook.

So I asked if he could hunt.

“Hunting? No. Why would I know that?” he said.

“Oh ’cause if you can’t hunt, then what would I cook?” I said perplexed.

“Well, you’re supposed to know

how to cook

for you’re a lady.”


I didn’t know there was a cooking gene

women carried innately.

So, thank you!

oh, enlightened man, for letting me know.

I said


I can smell something…



Oh, that’s the food

for you

I put on the stove.

So much so for

the cooking gene

I was bestowed.


Oh well…Time for it to be chucked away.

So say your goodbye

both to the food, and me.

And please oh please

stay miles away!


Poets are ultimately…



Seducers, teasers

who shamelessly seduce and tease

their readers

until they fully

submit themselves.

They talk dirty,


blow into their ears,


sweet little things,

tell them about the

sound that the

ocean makes.

The salty breeze,

stars at night,

the full tide,

shells on the sea shore,



on the sand.

Just then,

they let go off the

readers’ hand,

drown them

in the ocean, and




***Prerna Bakshi is a Sociolinguist, writer, translator and activist of Indian origin, presently based in Macao. Her work has previously been published in over three dozen literary journals and magazines, most recently in Red Wedge Magazine, Yellow Chair Review, Wilderness House Literary Review, Kabul Press, Misfit Magazine, Peril magazine: Asian-Australian Arts & Culture and Wordgathering: A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature. Her full-length poetry collection, Burnt Rotis, With Love, recently long-listed for the Erbacce-Press Poetry Award in the UKis forthcoming from Les Éditions du Zaporogue (Denmark) later this year. She tweets at @bprerna***

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