The Accessory of Responsibility – by COLIN JAMES

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                                     She showed up in a large, white van.
                                     Her cauterizing tools were kept
                                     within Velcro flaps that enthralled
                                     the vehicle’s essential task.
                                     No discernible hats.
                                     Her talent is concealed,
                                     wrapped astutely out of sight,
                                     in a long coat of lipid gabardine.
                                     She sniffs, my blood is here
                                     love’s wound spilling still.
                                     She panders for a source of power,
                                     plugs into a polarizing orifice.
                                     My anemic blood stalls.
                                     She gathers up her things
                                     and has departed
                                     before I even swell.
***Colin James has a chapbook of poems, DREAMS OF THE REALLY ANNOYING,
out from Writing Knights Press………..***
*Photography courtesy of Brian Michael Barbeito*

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