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On Bruno, airborne in 1916


& bro, the State forbids most disasters and poetry; at least the delightful atmosphere has not been sacrificed on the altar of an interesting little postal biography: the historical articles and illustrations of the other truth, being a book in which we say what we think to others, in the soft adagio of absinthe. The old were asked to become official silhouettes and photographs, citizen and art that disappear around the fancy dancing rhythms. Where he came from and where he is going—that is not the main thing. The main thing is that he is longing for the unutterable.



(made from cut up of advertisements from Bruno’s Weekly, 1916)



Warm & Heavy


                        after several self-help LPs



Deep relaxation is occurring

within the spine. If it’s crows feet

around your eyes you’re worried

about, then just raise your eyebrows

as high as you can. This goes under

the heading of systematic relaxation.

Here is another test

in which your imagination

will create a control

over your nervous system.

Communication in the system is known

as using the machine language.


It is of vital importance to relax the muscles

for both physical and mental wellbeing.

In the early days, when computers were young,

this was the only way to talk.


Everybody gets tense, let’s face it.

Being confined with computers

in an office all day under a competitive

atmosphere produces muscle tension.

So, use your mind’s unoccupied time


to analyze

what it is hearing,

which, if not relieved, can cause backache,

irritability, stomach upset, and overeating.



At the same time,

I think you realize

there is an essence in this

of truth,

such basic truth,

as to how

your feet and legs feel warm and heavy.


Slowly and gently roll your head

from side to side, while we get ready

to do some of the eye muscle exercises.


Relax the jaw, moving it up and down.

Constantly analyze what is being said

to isolate that which is not relevant

to the main burden of the discussion.


You will be able to exert

a greater control

and influence over

your life’s activities,

whether you are improving

in some skill

or warm and heavy way of thinking

or perhaps your future

development. So warm

and heavy. Squeeze all the muscles

of the face together:

the lips,

the nose,

the eyes,

the forehead.

Hold tightly.



A good example of the machine language

in action is the arcade-type games

that are so popular.


Hold, release. Feel the tension leave

the lower half of your body.

These muscles feel warm

and heavy, so warm and heavy.


You know how fast they are. Yes.

However, there’s more to it

than that, Steve. In about two minutes,

perhaps one minute,

you are going to find


that you have to swallow.

Now visualize relaxation around the throat.

Imagine yourself on a raft. Alone, inside and out,

softly embraced by the waves.


When was the last time you winked

at someone or let your arms dangle

over the sides of the chair?


Well, you should do it more often.

Because it will help not only drooping

eyelids, but it works wonders

on under-eye puffiness.  Because

your mouth

will begin

to salivate.

Let the mind relax fully. It will begin

to water.

So warm and heavy. It may be

happening already.


An idea can be that powerful.



This time, when you take a deep breath,

imagine your eyes are sinking backward.

You’re going to clinch your fists as tight

as you can without tensing them.

Close your eyes.

Listen to my voice.

It also helps to eradicate laugh lines

at the same time your eyelids feel

smooth and heavy. Once again,

once you master

this particular test

you will not need

or of necessity

have to listen

to this phase

of the recording.

This time, you’re going to concentrate.


Here is such an operation on your eyes

and face muscles. It’s called listening. Now

take a deep breath and squint your eyes tighter.

Tighter together.

Oozing out.

Beginners in programming frequently confuse

the two languages.

Dripping down.

Tighten your face muscles. Tighter.

The more you think about this

the more you almost

relax the tongue, bringing it to the back

of the roof of the mouth. Spontaneously

feel your mouth



Watering just as if you were tasting that lemon.



This thoroughly confuses the computer,

resulting in relaxing errors. Now close

your mouth and push your jaw from side to side

with all your effort.  And relax the upper

lip, and the lower lip. There are times

when individuals

may actually begin to taste

a change that could be like

  • ⁃ that likened to a lemon.

Relax the muscles next to your mouth. Let’s try

this four times. Then smile a wide smile.


You feel the warmth of the sun. Try it,

with the lips closed.




Completely relaxed.

And I want you to wink 10 times

with each eye. One at a time. Completely

relaxed.  So warm and heavy. You have just seen

another experiment in which

the space between your eyes,

the eyebrows,

are relaxed and motionless.

Relax the forehead. Your imagination can produce

a response in your


and in your nervous

system. Your entire body feels

warm and heavy. So warm and heavy.




Patrick Williams is a poet and academic librarian living in Central New York. His recent work appears in publications including Reality Beach, Third Point Press, Jungftak, and Heavy Feather Review. His chapbook manuscript Hygiene in Reading was awarded the 2015 Chris Toll Memorial Writing Prize and is forthcoming from Publishing Genius. He is the editor of Really System, a journal of poetry and extensible poetics. Find him at patrickwilliamsintext.com and on Twitter @activitystory.

*Photo courtesy of Brian Michael Barbeito.*

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