Good afternoon, team, writers and readers of SLM. We’ve worked so hard this year; we’ve all been writing, painting, sketching and playing guitar like there’s no tomorrow. And I couldn’t be prouder to be the platform that gets to show off your work. It is such a treat. And I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know each and every one of you since SLM’s uncertain start back in October of 2015.

Gene Farmer created our new avatar, which I am forever indebted to him for (THANK YOU, Gene!!), Brian Michael Barbeito keeps me supplied with countless beautiful photographs to go with your writing (THANK YOU!) and everyone else does amazing things every single day; things that may go unnoticed. So I try to be the one to capture that.

You may have noticed by the title of this letter that it’s spring break. My kids are both home with me, so yes, IT’S STILL WOMEN’S MONTH, but we will be taking a tiny break from publishing this week and pick back up on Monday, March 21st with some pieces from Kate Jones, to delve us back into the true spirit of feminism.

If this week is not your spring break, then enjoy it whenever you get it; if you get no spring break, I understand. I, too, once worked a thankless job that treated me like Milton (from Office Space), continually taking my red stapler.

Don’t let them take your stapler, I say. Take your red stapler back, Milton. And seize the day.


Kelly Fitzharris Coody

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