Mirage / Watermarked – by SHEIKHA A.

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the hills are steep, my eyes heavy

chanting of sleep


the hull nest of the sea’s urchins

have laid still


so calm is the body

on which the moon bathes

the sand on the land gilt of true light


the knowledge of nothing,

the manger of fish


that didn’t get caught in the nets

by the song of the waves

for there was a rising heat

from the east of the sea


curdling under pounding of hooves

the race of shields


far where the trees grew winds

out of their eyes


mine fell steeper into a lull-less sleep






(inspired from Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Fisherman and His Soul’)


clasp me in a shroud of opal

and take me


to the bottom of your seas

where your castle is a joyous


cave of jewels, the wistful moon

shall throw none


of its laments over the walls

of your determination


to see my soul snared

in the sceptre of your being;


this is how it’s going to be:

I shall be entranced and entombed


in the melodies you sing, you shall

be the merman with the ruby harp


and I shall be the woman with legs

that cannot paddle water


but run on shores, giving away

lines of my fate under my feet


to an indifferent sand,

then wait for your promised tides


before the sun bares our will

to the scrupulous light


as the night wraps me in its spell


have I fallen

into a dream


or fallen

from one –


Sheikha A. is from Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. Her work appears in over 70 literary venues both online and print, along with several anthologies by different presses, the history of which can be accessed on her blog, sheikha82.wordpress.com. She has edited and co-edited two separate anthologies released by Poets, Artists Unplugged , and has had her poetry recited at two separate reading events in Greece. She edits poetry for eFiction India.
*Photo courtesy of Brian Michael Barbeito*

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